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The above link takes you to Homesnap which is linked directly to Bright MLS our local Multiple Listing Service, so you have access to real-time, accurate information.

If you open the link on your phone and install the free Homesnap app, you can search for homes on your phone (similar to what you might have already been doing with other home search apps). The notable differences are:

  • Homesnap is directly connected to the MLS so you are getting accurate info along with the convenience
  • and it has a feature where you can “snap” a picture of a home you’re interested in and get more information (including an optional “stealth mode” so you don’t have to obviously take a photo of a stranger’s home if you don’t want to).

I know the buying process can seem very exciting (and at the same time overwhelming) but I’m happy to help you in every way possible to make it a stress-free, smooth experience.

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I have a host of wonderful resources, and a great team of professionals and professional partnerships to make your home buying experience straightforward and manageable.

It would be my pleasure to use my knowledge and all the tools at my disposal to ensure that you’re prepared to place an offer when you see the home of your dreams. And it’ll be my honor to negotiate the best possible terms for you to secure it.

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I enjoy taking the guessing out of the home buying process for purchasers: breaking it down into a simple step-by-step so you can focus on the fun part (finding the place that feels like home) and having to worry as little as possible about the process.

Please contact me to arrange a convenient time to chat about your specifics needs and wants. I’d love to start a game plan with you so we can find you your perfect home!

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