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Every transaction is different BUT there are a lot of parts that stay the same. Here are a few questions I address on a regular basis. Please get in touch if you have a specific question you’d like me to answer for you.


Will I get the money back I spent on the hall bathroom renovation–including replacing all the plumbing?

Money spent on renovations and house maintenance won’t have 100% return on investment (ROI) especially very recent work, but there are some general rules that will help you recoup the best ROI. Mid-range renovations (of the kitchen, primary bathroom, curb appeal aspects, and some main systems ie. HVAC components, hot water heater, etc.) with classically appealing finishes are good bets for getting greater returns. I’d love to take a look at your home and help you determine what will bring the quickest sale and best ROI.

These are professionally-chosen, custom-fitted-to-each-room paint colors with coordinating drapery we just did two years ago. Why would I change any of that?

This has to be one of the aspects we discuss when I take a look at your home. The finishes we choose for our home can be very comfortable and lovely but sometimes don’t appeal to the potential purchasers we are targeting. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Realtor that tells you to paint the whole house white or greige no matter what; too neutral can be bland and buyers will be turned off by that. On the flip side, too customized or homes that only attract to one specific décor demographic can hinder a perfect purchaser from seeing themselves in your (former) home. Please allow me to help you de-personalize your home and broaden its appeal, while keeping its character and enhancing its intrinsic beauty, so you can pass it along to its new owners and achieve your next plans!

We want to sell our house and downsize, but we’ve lived here 35+ years so we have a ton of stuff to go through and we’re nervous about timing. Our house is great so I know it’ll sell quickly when we get it cleared out but will we be homeless and have to move in with relatives while we look for our next place? It all seems too complicated with too many moving parts!

This is literally my job! I’d love to help you figure out what to put/give/pack away and how to arrange your furniture and rugs to show show your home to its best advantage. I can get you in touch with any pro you might need to help organize or haul away, etc.

I will sometimes recommend changing out a light fixture, simple maintenance jobs or painting a few rooms to make a great first impression on potential purchasers. I can recommend dependable contractors and handymen.

I bring soft furnishings, wall art and table accessories as needed to stage every one of my listings. I sometimes will bring furniture or call in a professional stager if needed.

There are great ways contractually to coordinate selling one home and buying and moving into the new one. We can discuss all the options you have, based on the potential timeline for selling your current home, your financial (can you qualify to purchase the next home before the current home sells?) and whether you’ve already identified the next home or are still searching, and what the market is like for the neighborhood you’re interested in moving to. I will ensure the proper contractual protections and clauses are put in place. Please honestly share all your concerns and considerations. I can help you coordinate all the moving parts!


Where do I start?

Most people start by browsing online and then dip a toe in on a Sunday by attending open houses. This is actually a great way to start. That will help you identify some neighborhoods you are most interested in and what homes are selling for in different areas. To really know your buying power though, you’ll want to speak with a local loan officer. I work with several great ones and I’m happy to make the introduction. It is a fast-paced market in the DMV so it’s great to have a lender who understands that, is accessible to you and me as your buyer’s agent, and the listing agent when you’re ready to submit an offer.

Schedule a meeting with me today (no matter how far out or how close you are to purchasing a home) and I can fill you in entirely on the buying process and what the current market looks like.

She was really great through the whole process of getting the house ready to show, determining listing price, showing the house in person and virtually, getting an offer and managing all the things to get us to closing.

We did not know how much work a realtor needs to do after getting the offer.

It’s a lot more then the showings. Thanks Elisabeth for knowing what we needed to do to make the house attractive and the changes needed for loan approval for the buyers.

You certainly know your job and made the process stress free for us.

Give her a call if you are looking to sell or buy, you will be in good hands.

Diane and Bob

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